SCENE 22 (The Waltz) 

The high-society couple, choir 

SCENES 18-19 

Choir, Tsakhour, Jenny, Anna, Clochard, Carcaval 

Cast of the Lay-out : Brigitte Hool (Anna), Sibyl Zanganelli (Jenny), Philippe Huttenlocher (Clochard and the high-society Man), Marc Mazuir (Carcaval), Sacha Michon (Mirko), José Pazos (Tsakhour) and Annina Haug (the high-society Woman). Choir : Hiroko Kawamichi, Sibyl Zanganelli, Elise Milliet and Louis Crelier. Recording and mixing : Philippe Mercier, studio Prism, Lausanne. Producers : Valérie Letellier and Louis Crelier. 


Music by Louis Crelier - Libretto by Pierre Christin 

Lyrics by P. Christin and Valérie Letellier 

Stage design and costumes Enki Bilal 


Excerpts from the layout with soloists, choir and virtual orchestra 

Musique de Louis Crelier 

Livret de Pierre Christin 


Carcaval, Mirko, Anna 

Jenny, Clochard 


Carcaval, Jenny 

SCENES 7-8-9 

Choir, Carcaval, Jenny, Clochard 

THE GLASS CITADEL (La Citadelle de Verre)