La Vierge Noire 


Television Film Music composed and conducted by Louis Crelier 


2006  Pas de Panique (Do not panic)  by Denis Rabaglia, European Soundtrack Awards nomination 

2005  Leben auf Kredit by Sascha Weibel, with Mia Aegerter 

1999  Alp-Traum (Tatort) by Clemens Klopfenstein, with Caroline Redl 

1991  Alpine Academy by Hans Liechti (tv serie) 

1991  Les Mauvais Instincts / Bad instincts by Alain Tasma, with Stéphane Freiss, Valéria Bruni-Tedeschi 

1991  Bienvenue à Bellefontaine by Gérard Louvin, with Jean Lefebvre, Daniel Prévost (Best Film Nomination  

          at the french Sept-d'Or 1993) 

1990  The Black Virgin / La Vierge Noire by Jean-Jacques Lagrange and Igaal Niddam with Micheline Dieye,  

          Félicité  Wouassi and Ronny Coutteure (Best Serie and Best Actress  at the China Sichuan tv Festival 1991) 

1989  Funeraria Funera-Rio (Serie Noire) by Murilo Salles 

1989  Taxi ins Jenseits by Erwin Keusch (Eurocops) 

1989  Noch ein Wunsch / Another Wish by Thomas Koerfer, with Matthias Habich and Johanna Lier 

1988  Honig der Nacht (Eurocops) by Jeanpierre Heizmann 

1988  Falken auf Eis (Eurocops) by Jeanpierre Heizmann 

1987  Die Dollarfalle / The Dollar Trap de Thomas Koerfer, with Uwe Ochsenknecht 

1987  Tote reisen nicht (Eurocops) by Jeanpierre Heizmann (Best Serie, Royal Television Society Award, U.K. 1989) 

1986  Le Cimetière des Durs (Serie Noire) by Yvan Butler, with Marianne Basler, Jean-Pierre Kalfon 

1984  Noces de Soufre (Serie Noire) by Raymond Vouillamoz, with Jean-Luc Bideau, Agnès Soral, Jean Bouise 

1984  Le Tueur du Dimanche / Sunday Killer (Serie Noire) by José Giovanni, with Rufus 

1984  La Petite Fille Modèle by Jean-Jacques Lagrange, with Danielle Darrieux, Jacques François, Jean Bouise 

1984  L'Enfant Bleu / The Blue Child by Yvan Butler, with Jean-Luc Bideau, Dominique Labourier  

         (Best Screenplay, Digne Film Festival 1986) 

1984  Histoires à Mourir Debout by Claude Delieutraz, with Frédéric Dard, Magali Noël 

1983  Le Bout du Lac / The End of the Lake by Jean-Jacques Lagrange, with François Cluzet 

1981  Mérette by Jean-Jacques Lagrange, with Jean Bouise, Isabelle Sadoyan, François Simon  

          (Grand Price, San Remo Film Festival 1982, and French Critics Award 1983) 


As producer or publisher : 


1994  Drei Mädchen and Die Falle (Eurocops) by Samir Jamal-Aldin, music by Felix Haug 

1993  La Signora in Verde by Tony Flaadt, music by Corry Knobel 

1992  Das Vergessene Tal by Clemens Klopfenstein, music by Ben Jeger (Critics Award, Monte-Carlo 1992) 

1992  Silberkiesel, music by Jonas Haefeli and Eva (Eurocops), music by Cyril Boehler, directed by Peter Lehner 

1991  Bildersturm and Bis dass der Tod euch scheidet (Eurocops) by Markus Imboden, music by Ben Jeger 

1990  Die Ratte and Desperados (Eurocops) by Markus Fischer, music by Markus Fritzsche and Markus Fischer 

1989  Gerechtigkeit für Elisa (Eurocops) by Erwin Keusch, music by Züri West 

1986  Piège-à-Flics / Cop Trap (série noire) by Dominique Othenin-Girard, music by Ben Jeger 

1985  Esclave et Pharaon / Slave and Pharaoh by Patrick Meunier, music by Maurice Lecoeur  

          (Sept d'Or & Emmy-Awards Nomination 1986)