Feature Films Music composed and conducted by Louis Crelier 


2008  Marcello, Marcello by Denis Rabaglia 

2005  A Matter of Time by Hanna Slak 

2004  Coma by Mike Figgis 

2001  Azzurro by Denis Rabaglia, with Paolo Villaggio, Jean-Luc Bideau, Marie-Christine           Barrault (Best Film of the Year, Swiss Cinema Awards 2001, awards in Namur, Schwerin,       Bratislava 2001, music nominated to the World Soundtracks Awards 2001, 

      Quante cose chiare, Best Song Directly Written for a Film 

2000  Le Signe de Onze heures by P. Nicolet 

1997  Léopold R. by Jean-Blaise Junod, with Carlo Brandt, Jean-François Balmer 

1995  Les Agneaux by Marcel Schüpbach, with Richard Berry (selected to the Oscars 1996) 

1994  Der Nebellaüfer / Shrouded in Mystery by Jörg Helbling, with Lawrence Grimm 

      (Max-Ophüls Award 1996) 

1993  Grossesse Nerveuse / False Pregnancy by Denis Rabaglia, with Tom Novembre, Patrick           Braoudé, Isabelle Townsend (Max-Ophüls Award 1994, Europa Award 1994) 

1992  Zaertliche Erpresserin by Beat Lottaz, with Anna Thalbach 

      (Best Actress, Sarrebrücken 1993) 

1991  Visages Suisses by Simon Edelstein 

1991  Ashakara by Gérard Louvin 

1989  Quartier Nègre / Barrio negro by Pierre Koralnik, with Tom Novembre, Fabienne Babe           (Audience-Award and Best Photography Monte-Carlo Film Fest 1990) 

1988  Gemini the Twin Stars by Jaques Sandoz, with Thomas Nock, Jango Edwards, Aurore             Clément, Gene Patrick (Audience-Award, Gijon Festival 1988) 

1988  Liebeserklärung / Love Declaration by Edi Hubschmid, Georg Janett and U. Bischof 

1986  L'Ogre by Simon Edelstein, with Marcel Bozzuffi, J.-Q. Châtelain (Cannes 1987) 

1985  Diamond Connection by Sergio Bergonzelli, with B. Bouchet, G. Mitchell 

1985  Concert for Alice by Thomas Koerfer, with Beate Jensen, Towje Kleiner 

      (Best Sound, German Cinema Academy Awards) 

1981  Seuls by Francis Reusser (Quinzaine, Cannes 1981) with Niels Arestrup, Michael               Lonsdale, Christine Boisson, Bulle Ogier 


As producer or publisher : 


2002  Mon Père by Michel Rodde, music by J.S. Bach 

1992  Requiem by Reni Mertens & Walter Marti, music by Léon Francioli 

      (Critics Award, Locarno 1992, Swiss Selection to the 1994 Oscars) 

1990  Leo Sonnyboy by Rolf Lyssy, music by Ruedi Häusermann 

1990  Jacques et Françoise by Francis Reusser, music by Carlo Boller 

1989  Tennessee Nights by Nicolas Gessner, with Julian Sands, music by Gabriel Yared 

1987  Happy End by Marcel Schüpbach, with Carlo Brandt, Marie-Luce Felber 

1986  Folie Suisse by Christine Lipinska, with Richard Bohringer, Jean-François Balmer,           music by Armande Altaï 

1986  Baiser Perché by Patrick Lambert, music by René-Marc Bini