Documentaries Film Music composed and conducted by Louis Crelier 


2015  Ce cher musée / Dear Museum by Katarina von Flotow, P.S. Productions 

2014  L’Enlèvement / The Abduction by Frank Garbely, Nadasdy Film 

2008  Cher Monsieur, cher papa by François Kohler 

2008  Article 43 by Denise Gilliand, awarded in Nyon, Visions-du-Réel 2008 

2006  Fireglass by Pierre Kalbfuss, Kalpaka-Films, featuring Philip Baldwin 

2002  Scènes du voyage by Jean-Blaise Junod, feat. Charles Joris 

1999  La Bonne Conduite by Jean-Stéphane Bron (awarded in Locarno 1999) 

1998  Adrian Frutiger, writings creator by Anne Cuneo 

1996  Transboréal by Benoît Nicoulin ("Les nouveaux aventuriers" FR3) 

1990  Le Silence de Diego by R. Guillet & P. del Coso, with Maradonna 

1990  Les Trois Suisses by Jean-Marc Henry (700th Anniversary of Switzerland) 

1987  Paysages du Silence by J.-B.Junod, feat. Zoran Music 

      (Awards in Paris, Nyon and Montreal Festivals 1986) 

1987  The Great Photographers by Marco Speroni 

      (series about Sieff, Haskins, Hamilton, Barbieri and Lindbergh) 

1986  Fountains of Rome by Jaques Sandoz (Libraprim) 

1986  Malta and its People by J.-B. Junod 

1985  The Death of Abel by Jaques Sandoz (Libraprim) 

1985  The Legend of King Arthur by Jaques Sandoz (Libraprim) 

1984  The Phenicians and Malta by Jean-Blaise Junod 

1983  Malta by Jean-Blaise Junod 

1981  Louis Crelier - J'avance de 3 Cases by Michel Heiniger 

1980  Balade au Pays de l'Imagination by Jean-Jacques Lagrange and Walter Marti 

      (Emmy-Awards nomination 1981) 


As producer or publisher : 

1981  E.-M. Sandoz, peintre & sculpteur by Jean-Blaise Junod, music by Erik Satie