Music production composition supervision for movies tv theatre & all media 


The company has been founded in 1975 by swiss composer Louis Crelier. 


It has produced or published since, numerous film scores, including features films, tv-movies, shorts and documentaries, mainly with composer Louis Crelier (about 100 productions), but also for other composers, such as Maurice Lecoeur, Gabriel Yared, Michel Legrand, Vladimir Cosma Georges Delerue, Philippe Sarde, Ben Jeger, René-Marc Bini, Eric Serra, Vangelis … (to name a few !), through long-time co-publishing or sub-publishing agreements with companies such as Pema-Music (France), CAM (Italia), Wewerka Musikwerlage (Germany) or Condor-Features, Zürich. These works include french tv-series such as «Série Noire», «Maigret», «Navarro» or «Alpen-Internat» and «Eurocops». 


Activities include also stage music, commercial and industry music, music supervision, also music coaching on the set, such as coaching piano playing by Tcheky Karyo on «L’Air du Crime» by Alain Klarer (music by Peer Raben), vocal coach for Olimpia Carlisi on «Seuls» by Francis Reusser, violin playing by Rufus on «The Sunday Killer» by José Giovanni, piano playing by August Zirner on «Zärtliche Erpresserin» by Beat Lottaz, etc. 


Recently, Crelier Music developped a close work relationship with Nadasdy Film in Geneva and its manager, director and producer, Zoltan Horvath, post-producing several animation short and series, in charge of the music but also of the sound-design and voicing. 


Crelier Music extends now its activity in the field of opera, in collaboration with the associations Opéra en Scène and Lyrique en Scène. 


Crelier Music Publishing is a member of the copyright societies SUISA and SSA (Swiss Authors Society). Since 2008, the company is run by Valérie Letellier and Louis Crelier as general co-managers. 


Some titles (aside Crelier's work): 


2011  Ceux d’en-haut by Izù Troin, animation, strings recording 

2002  Mon Père by Michel Rodde, music by J.S. Bach 

1994  Drei Mädchen and Die Falle (Eurocops) by Samir, music by Felix Haug 

1993  La Signora in Verde by Tony Flaadt, music by Corry Knobel 

1999  Das Vergessene Tal by Clemens Klopfenstein, music by Ben Jeger 

      (Critics Award, Monte-Carlo 1992) 

1999  Silberkiesel (music Jonas Haefeli) and Eva (music C. Boehler) (Eurocops) by P.Lehner 

1999  Requiem by Reni Mertens & Walter Marti, music by Léon Francioli 

      (Critics Award, Locarno 1992, swiss selection to the Oscars 1994) 

1991  Bildersturm and Bis dass der Tod euch scheidet (Eurocops) by Markus Imboden,                 music by Ben Jeger  

1990  Die Ratte and Desperados (Eurocops) music by M. Fritzsche & M. Fischer  

1990  Leo Sonnyboy by Rolf Lyssy, music by Ruedi Häusermann and Yello 

1990  Jacques et Françoise by Francis Reusser, music by Carlo Boller 

1989  Gerechtigkeit für Elisa (Eurocops) by Erwin Keusch, music by Züri West  

1989  Tennessee Nights by Nicolas Gessner, feat. Julian Sands, music by G. Yared 

1987  Happy End by Marcel Schüpbach, feat. Carlo Brandt & Marie-Luce Felber 

1986  Piège-à-Flics (Série noire) by D. Othenin-Girard, music by Ben Jeger  

1986  Esclave et Pharaon by Patrick Meunier, music by Maurice Lecoeur 

      (Sept d'Or & Emmy-Awards nominations ‘86) 


And also : ROUGE BAISER V.Belmont, ADIEU BONAPARTE Y.Chahine, LE PETIT DOCTEUR M.Simenon, LE MARIAGE DU SIECLE P.Galland, LA NUIT DU FLINGUEUR P.Grimblat, LE FEU SOUS LA PEAU G.Kikoïne, KAMIKAZE D.Rousset / L.Besson, JE HAIS LESACTEURS G.Krawczyk, BILLY ZE KICK G.Mordillat, BAISER PERCHE P.Lambert, FOLIE SUISSE Ch.Lipinska, LIBRAPRIM Series, SERIE NOIRE, MAIGRET, NAVARRO, L’INSTIT, and many others, music by Armande ALTAI, René-Marc BlNl, Pierre BACHELET, Louis CRELIER, Vladimir COSMA, Michel COLOMBIER, Thierry DURBET, Claude BOLLING, Antoine DUHAMEL, Arié DZIERLATKA, Georges DELERUE, Serge FRANKLIN, Jean-Michel FUETER & Erdal KIZILCAY, Pierre PAPADIAMANDIS, Pierre JANSEN, Michel PORTAL, Astor PIAZZOLA, Jean-Claude PETIT, Carlo SAVINA, Jean-Marie SENIA, Philippe SARDE, Ben JEGER, Catherine LARA, Maurice LECOEUR, Vincent MALONE, Eric SERRA, Miklos ROSZA, VANGELIS, Gabriel YARED … 



On-line videos of Crelier Music:                  On-line videos of Opéra en Scène 

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